Top 7 Interior Design Careers in Kolkata / West Bengal

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Interior Design Careers offers an opportunity to express your Creativity and become very successful in your life. It provides an opportunity to not only design residential and commercial spaces but also to express your creativity with colours, designs, forms, shapes and motifs.

First let’s us understand what Interior Design primarily consists of. The main goal of interior design is to design a comfortable space, be it commercial space, office beauty parlor, restaurant or residential houses using light, furniture, colour or upholstery . Interior Design takes any space and makes it exciting, visually appealing and functional. Apply for Interior Design Course here.

Read to find out more information on careers in interior design in Kolkata / West Bengal.

Top 7 Interior Design Careers in Kolkata / West Bengal:

 1. Inhouse Designer:

The most common of Interior Design Careers after learning Interior Design is to work as an inhouse designer in an Interior Design company. As an Interior Designer, you may be given varied roles – starting from talking to clients to understand their requirement, making a draft design for the space, creating design concepts for the client, overseeing the project, procuring of raw materials, project management and much more. This type of role gives you a wide variety of exposure to different aspects of Interior Design and helps you learn practically about how an interior designer works. Salary for interior designers are quite good and at par or more than industry average.dreamzone ultadanga kolkata interior design miniature students work


2.  3D Visualizer:

Another important career as an interior design is to focus on 3D visualization. This typically involves taking in client requirements and creating a 3D view of possible designs. The key in this role is to create realistic looking designs through which the clients can actually visualize their spaces, understand how it will look in real life and if required, make modifications digitally. This role mostly requires you to work indoors or from office with minimal outdoor visits. interior design careers

3. Furniture Designer:

This is a specialized field within Interior Design which deals with woodwork and furniture design, including modular kitchen, dining tables, cupboards, display racks, TV units, beds and many more. If you want to build a career as a Furniture Designer, you need to have updated knowledge about different types of wood, plywood, veneers, laminates, adhesives, related glass work and their properties. Most commercial spaces require elaborate and fancy designs, especially showrooms, boutiques and outlets. Furniture Designer is a growing field and expertise in this field will give you a flourishing career.


4. Interior Decorator:

Interior Decoration/ Indoor Decoration is another aspect of Interior Design Careers, however it is a subset of the work of an Interior Designer – but nonetheless one of the most creative aspect of the design process. It involves making the space visually appealing using colour combinations, artworks, wall hanging, lamps, vases, curtains, carpets art, painting and so on. dreamzone ultadanga kolkata interior design miniature students work

5. Exhibition Designer:

An exhibition designer deals with temporary designs – work that looks aesthetically pleasing, but can be dismantled quickly with low cost. Examples of such work include show work, stage design, wedding designs, studio designs for TV or cinema, shows and exhibitions, outdoor promotional setups and the like. These specialised field requires light weight materials which can be dismantled quickly and moved to the next location for setting up. Because such exhibitions continuously happen, there is a constant demand for such type of setup.

6. Freelancer:

In the 21st century, there are a lot of new careers in interior design. If you value your freedom and want to work from your home, you can take up Freelancing work. A lot of companies engages freelancers for specific portion of their jobs, like 3D designs or CAD drawings or project scheduling. Generally design work can be delivered online and hence companies from outside your home location or country also outsource their work to freelancers. You can easily get a wide range of projects online.


7. Start your Business:

Starting an Interior Design business has it own rewards – you get to express your own creativity, make your own designs, work on your own time and get the job done in your own way. With the rising demand of Interior Designers, having your own business will give you the freedom to expand your business and reach new heights. Since starting a business requires capital, you can take up an interior design job for few years before launching your own business.  interior design career options kolkata

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